Dispute Settlement

With existing team of lawyers and qualified associates lawyers, we have the strength to participate in dispute settlement at courts to settle disputes in many different areas such as property, management, business administration, commerce, investment, real estate, construction, labor, contract and civil matters.

At courts, we perform as lawyer, in addition, we have been authorized by customers as  their representative to participate in negotiations, mediation and settlement of disputes outside the courts to achieve the results based on balancing benefits and costs, quickly and efficiently.

Our work includes:

  • Comprehensive reviewing of legal issues related to the dispute;
  • Advising solutions to resolve the dispute;
  • Proposing negotiation plans; joining with customers or on behalf of customers to work, negotiate with third parties;
  • Advising and supporting customers in the preparation of documents and necessary documentation for dispute settlement.
  • Drafting lawsuits profile and implementation of procedures to sue in court;
  • Participating in litigation at people’s courts.
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