Generally, the more the market develops, the greater the potential legal risks in the enterprise's business activities. Paying due attention to the meaning and role of lawyers in providing regular legal advice, preventing risks, and using the law as a tool to protect the legitimate rights of businesses when there is a dispute will be a future trend.

Accompanying thousands of enterprises throughout their operations, Gia Luat increasingly performs our role better.

We are currently providing 03 reputable service packages with many different levels, specifically as follows:

1. Legal services by case

The two parties will enter into a contract principle on consulting and providing legal service solutions. Valued Customers who find any case requiring legal assistance will contact Gia Luat. After agreeing on the workload, service charges corresponding to each specific case and other arising issues (if any), Gia Luat will implement and hand over the results to Valued Customers.

2. Regular legal services

The two parties will enter into a regular legal service contract. Fixed service charge on a monthly or quarterly basis. Any consulting request within the scope of services will be consulted and implemented by Gia Luat, and the results will be handed over to Valued Customers.

Gia Luat will draft documents, guide procedures and best support Valued Customers’ personnel in case of performing work related to third parties.

Valued Customers can request Gia Luat to send a lawyer to handle the work at the partner's headquarters or elsewhere, but depending on the time, nature, and volume of work, Gia Luat may charge additional fees accordingly.

For cases that must be resolved through litigation (at Court, Arbitration, etc.), the two parties will sign separate service contracts, Gia Luat will prioritize implementation with preferential service charges.

3. Enterprise legal department services:

The two parties will enter into a service contract for the enterprise legal department. Fixed quarterly or annual service charges. Any consulting request within the scope of services will be consulted and implemented by Gia Luat, and hand over the result to Valued Customers.

In particular, Gia Luat's Lawyer Department will function as Valued Customers' Legal Department and give priority to resolving all tasks promptly as per the assigned work schedule of Valued Customers, representing and/or working with Valued Customers’ personnel, directly performs (if Valued Customers request) all work on behalf of Valued Customers. Gia Luat takes full responsibility for the content we consult and perform.

Valued Customers can also request Gia Luat to send a lawyer to handle the matter at Valued Customers’ headquarters or elsewhere in a suitable time in the spirit of sharing and putting Valued Customers’ interests first.  

For cases that must be resolved through litigation (at Court, Arbitration, etc.), Gia Luat will prioritize implementation, without charging service charge, except for court fees, fees and other fees must be paid to competent authorities according to law.

Our consulting scope includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Consulting on regulations on Enterprise Law, Investment Law, Commercial Law, Labor Code, and legal documents related to business operations.
  • Consulting on negotiation, drafting, signing, implementation, and liquidation of all types of contracts in the fields of trade, services, labor, civil, real estate and movable property, construction, execution, design, etc.
  • Consulting and drafting all legal documents between enterprises and partners, customers, and state authorities.
  • Evaluating the legality of documents related to business operations.
  • Consulting and implementing enterprise registration procedures: establishment, change, conversion, merger and acquisition, consolidation, division, separation, suspension, dissolution, bankruptcy, etc.
  • Representing and/or together with enterprises to work with relevant individuals and organizations when disputes or violations occur during operations.
  • Consulting and giving opinions in building and operating models, operating structures, internal document systems, process systems, and regulations suitable to the type of operation and enterprise scale.
  • Consulting and giving opinions on drafting the Company Charter, Register of members/shareholders, Certificate of capital contribution/Shares.
  • Consulting on resolving disputes between shareholders or capital-contributing members in the enterprise.
  • Consulting and giving opinions on development of decentralization regulations in enterprise management activities.
  • Organizing and explaining company internal rules and regulations; periodically popularize changes and additions to company internal rules and regulations; popularize labor and insurance law regulations for employees.
  • Consulting and handling disputes between employees and enterprises: Explaining, conciliating, making records of violations of labor discipline, setting up disciplinary councils, meeting disciplinary councils, and making disciplinary decisions under the law. Represent and/or together with enterprises to work with state labor management authorities (Labor Office, Labor Department, Labor Union, Labor Inspectorate, Insurance authority, etc.) when disputes are resolved by these authorities.
  • Consulting and giving opinions on drafting operating regulations of the trade union executive committee at the enterprise.
  • Consulting and giving opinions on drafting Labor Contracts, Training Contracts, Non-Competition Agreements, Labor Internal Regulations, Collective Labor Agreements, Salary Scales, Remuneration Regulations, and Labor Discipline Regulations.
  • Consulting and implementing procedures for applying for new or extending visas, work permits, and temporary resident cards according to applicable laws on labor and immigration.
  • Updating and promptly notifying newly issued legal documents regulating or related to enterprise operations.
  • Consulting and representing enterprise to participate in proceedings at Courts at all levels to resolve disputes arising during operations.
Other services

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