The Civil Code is considered the "Mother Law" of the Vietnamese legal system. Civil legal disputes are very broad and can arise in any area of life.

Civil disputes are usually resolved in two stages. The first stage involves negotiation and agreement between the parties involved. If they fail to reach a consensus, the second stage is initiated in court.

Civil disputes can be classified into two types: civil cases and civil issues, which are resolved according to the order and procedures outlined in the Civil Procedure Code.

In criminal cases, the objective truth is often established through the determination of the criminal act, fault, motive, purpose, and consequences of the crime.

However, in civil cases, matters are not always straightforward. Usually, neither side is "all right" or "wrong", but in a situation where both sides have right and wrong mixed together, so determining the objective truth is difficult, and the settlement is easily affected by many factors, from the subjective viewpoints of those participating in the proceedings to other external factors, often leading to a situation of "anything goes", not uncommon.

Winning a verdict in a civil case is just the beginning. The effectiveness of the judgment depends on whether it can be enforced or not. Our experience shows that there are many civil cases where the litigant wins, however, in reality it is only a "paper win" because the judgment cannot be enforced, mostly because the litigant no longer has any assets at the time of requesting execution of the judgment, but also for the majority of these assets are "dismissed" right before filing a lawsuit in Court, or even during the process of the Court accepting and resolving the case. This loophole has angered public opinion for many years, but until now the civil law system has not been able to adjust it because it is still entangled with the provisions of many other related laws.

Not to mention, even if the litigant loses the lawsuit and still has assets and the civil judgment enforcement authority conducts enforcement and distraint of assets, everything is still not over. Because assets are usually mortgaged at banks or sold by hand to many people or related to common ownership, households, inheritance, etc. when these issues arise, if the parties cannot agree, the civil judgment enforcement authority shall temporarily postpone the execution of the judgment and instruct the parties to file a lawsuit at a competent court to determine the legal assets of the litigant whose judgment is requested to be enforced. Just like that, the case arises more cases and it is unknown when the litigants will receive their legal rights.

For many years, we have sent defense lawyers and representatives to participate in proceedings to resolve hundreds of civil cases/incidents across the country and always receive high appreciation from customers.

Valued Customers can refer to some of our legal services related to civil cases:

  • Consulting and appointing lawyers to represent non-litigation to participate in negotiations and agreements to resolve civil cases before filing a lawsuit.
  • Consulting, representing, and appointing lawyers to protect the legal rights and interests of litigants in Court according to first-instance procedures.
  • Consulting, representing, and appointing lawyers to protect the legal rights and interests of litigants at Court according to appellate procedures.
  • Consulting and implementing cassation and retrial procedures for effective court judgments.
  • Consulting and implementing procedures for requesting judgment enforcement, distraint, and enforcement at civil judgment enforcement agencies at all levels.
  • Consulting, monitoring, and implementing issues related to asset auctions to enforce judgments at auction organizations.
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