Inheritance is one of the earliest and oldest legal institutions in the world's civil legal system. As always, whenever someone dies, inheritance problems arise. There are two common forms of inheritance, inheritance by will and inheritance by law.

In Vietnam, the inheritance regulation was formed early and has had little change over time because of its customary stability. However, in terms of content and form, this is still quite a complicated field, giving rise to many complaints and disputes in practice.

When Valued Customers need to make a will, divide an estate or have an inheritance dispute, please contact us for the most complete, practical and completely free advice.

We only charge service fees when you trust and entrust the work to us for support or representation.

The inheritance consulting services we can provide include but are not limited to the following issues:

  • Consulting on making wills according to various forms. The right to make a will; Form and content of will; Witnessing and notarizing wills; Validity of the will; Modify, supplement, replace or cancel wills; Lost will; Inheritance does not depend on will; Heritage used for worship; Legate.
  • Inheritance right; Time and place to open inheritance; Inheritance; Inheritance goods; Managing inheritance; Donate or refuse inheritance; Not entitled to inheritance; Inheritance; Statute of limitations for opening inheritance; Statute of limitations for filing an inheritance lawsuit.
  • Procedures for declaring and dividing inheritance; Listing; Person dividing the estate; Payment priority order; Division of estate according to will; Division of inheritance according to law; Limitation of inheritance division; Divide the estate when a new heir arises.
  • Representing negotiations to resolve inheritance disputes.
  • Resolve inheritance disputes according to proceedings at a competent court.
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