The chief accountant is the head of the accounting apparatus, responsible for organizing the implementation of accounting work in the enterprise, responsible for the enterprise's financial system, and the law requires the enterprise to "arrange people to act as chief accountant or decide to hire services to act as chief accountant (except for micro enterprises).

For small enterprises, hiring a chief accountant service is an effective solution to help enterprises save costs while still ensuring compliance with legal regulations, instead of recruiting a chief accountant with salary and a series of other costs.

At Gia Luat, we have a team of chief accountants who fully meet the standards and conditions and are ready to provide enterprises with work to perform as chief accountants of an enterprise.

Our chief accountant service will include the following tasks:

  • Consulting and building appropriate accounting systems for enterprises;
  • Consulting on documents and bookkeepings based on plans that are beneficial to the business; checking books, accounting data, accounting accounts of the accounting department; propose solutions (in accordance with the law) to limit the amount of tax payable;
  • Manage the document system to avoid loss or damage, causing damage to the business;
  • Control and ensure the submission of monthly/quarterly value-added tax returns on time, check tax payment to ensure full completion of tax obligations for enterprises;
  • Consulting on applicable tax policies, ensuring corporate income tax and personal income tax finalization on time;
  • Control and prepare annual financial reports;
  • Sign as chief accountant on reports and bookkeeping made by Gia Luat;
  • Representing to explain issues related to accounting and tax of the business, within the scope of work performed by Gia Luat when requested by tax authority;

Reasons why enterprises should use chief accountant services provided by Gia Luat:

  • A team of highly qualified chief accountants, accountants, and tax specialists with many years of experience in the fields of accounting, tax, and financial consulting, with practice certificates in accordance with the law;
  • We have a team of advisors including highly qualified experts and lawyers, knowledgeable in many different business fields.
  • We are committed to ensure Valued Customer information security issues;
  • We commit to take responsibility for ensuring accounting records are consistent with valid data, invoices, and documents provided by Valued Customers, including responsibility for administrative fines incurred due to the fault of Gia Luat;
  • We ensure not to incur any unreasonable costs during the process of using our services.
Other services
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Tax refund service

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Tax finalization documents explaining service

Tax finalization documents explaining is the explanation and presentation of data shown in bookkeepings, tax returns and financial statements to tax authority through the application of legal basis, practical experience and skills in applying appropriate legal regulations...

Bookkeeping troubleshooting and completing service

Troubleshooting and completing bookeeping is the resolution of backlogs and problems in accounting and tax records of enterprises from previous and current years through consulting and rearranging invoices and documents in the right order...

PIT consulting and declaration service

Personal income tax (PIT) is one of the taxes that plays a very important role in the country's tax system. Successful development and implementation of PIT policy can help generate revenue for the budget, regulate income, ensure fairness in society, and facilitate income control in society...

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