There is a Vietnamese proverb that says: "Behind every great man, there is a great woman", to emphasize the importance of consensus between husband and wife in married life. When starting a marriage, it is necessary to identify this as one of the most important decisions in life. When in marriage, it is necessary to identify this as one of the greatest responsibilities to undertake.

However, when the situation of "the marriage in question isn't going smoothly" appears, the frequency is continuous and prolonged, making it impossible to harmonize, then choose which way to go, although no one wants it.

If Valued Customers are in this situation, please call us to learn about the legal consequences of divorce, so you can think and consider if there is a way to heal.

If Valued Customers have already decided to get a divorce, please call us to get full advice on legal regulations, procedures to resolve the case and the legitimate rights you deserve.

And if Valued Customers don't have time and want to solve everything objectively, effectively and quickly, please get in touch with us.

The divorce consulting services we can provide are as follows:

  • Consulting on the order, procedures, and authority to resolve divorce cases.
  • Consulting and resolving marital disputes, unilateral divorce or mutual consent.
  • Consulting and resolving child custody and alimony disputes.
  • Consulting and resolving disputes over common property and private property.
  • Consulting and resolving debt disputes (borrowing or lending) with third individuals and organizations during the marriage period.

In particular, if there is an element of violation of the obligation of monogamy according to the provisions of the applicable Criminal Code, we will review the case, advise, and recommend handling in the direction of recommending criminal prosecution according to criminal proceedings at the Police Investigation Authority if you request. This is an independent process that can run in parallel with the divorce settlement at Court as per civil proceedings.

In addition, if Valued Customers are preparing to get married or are currently married, we provide some of the following very practical consulting services to help ensure transparency and clarity in your marriage:

  • Consulting on preparing a prenuptial agreement.
  • Consulting on marriage registration conditions in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Consulting on separate property agreements before marriage.
  • Consulting on separate property agreements in marriage.
  • Consulting on merging personal property into common property in marriage.
  • Consulting on converting common property into separate property in marriage.
  • Consulting on buying, selling, donating, inheriting, pledging, and mortgaging common property in marriage.
Other services
Enterprise legal consulting

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Non-litigation representation

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