Troubleshooting and completing bookeeping is the resolution of backlogs and problems in accounting and tax records of enterprises from previous and current years through consulting and rearranging invoices and documents in the right order; completing the bookeeping system and reports in accordance with the law.

Troubleshooting and completing bookeeping applies to enterprises that have not fully completed bookkeeping and preparation and submission of related reports or have completed but cannot find records and wondering if the accountant has done everything? Or the enterprises are not satisfied with data the accountant has done.

Troubleshooting and completing bookeeping helps enterprises save costs and damages from incorrect organization, accounting and declaration, minimize fines for tax and accounting violations, and helps enterprises take advantage of expenses to develop production and business activities.

Gia Luat’s scope of work:

  • Arranging invoices and documents in the appropriate order (by time, by tax declaration, etc.);
  • Consulting and guiding on supplementing missing documents in accordance with the law;
  • Re-establishing the accounting bookkeeping process;
  • Preparing and sending tax declarations, financial statement, tax finalization and adjusted and supplemented reports (if any) in accordance with the law;
  • Consulting and proposing solutions for problems and errors that the enterprises’ accounting system is having;
  • Consulting and recommending solutions to help enterprises minimize the amount of tax payable in accordance with the law;
  • Representing enterprises to explain handled data to tax authority upon request.

With reasonable costs, along with a harmonious coordination between a team of experienced chief accountants, enthusiastic and careful specialists and accountants and a team of good lawyers, Valued Customers can completely rest assured using Gia Luat's accounting services and focus your time on business.

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