There is a Vietnamese proverb that says: "A client between his attorney and counselor is like a goose between two foxes", this has never been wrong. Whether you are a victim, a defendant, a person with related rights and interests, or a witness in a criminal case, being summoned or ordered to appear in Court is something that no one desires.

The Vietnamese Penal Code is a crucial law that has been developed and legalized over time in the country. It is the most comprehensive and well-organized local law that provides clear and logical connotations. Any individual, organization, or agency that violates the law and commits a crime will be held accountable under this law. The Criminal Procedure Code outlines the order, procedures, and process for handling criminal cases. Two sets of laws, one regulating content, one regulating form go together through the ages.

Currently, the role of lawyers in resolving criminal cases is becoming increasingly important and strictly protected. In criminal cases, lawyers perform different duties depending on their client's position. For defendants, lawyers defend their clients' rights and interests, while for victims, lawyers protect their legitimate rights and interests. Lawyers can also represent authorized representatives of people with related rights and obligations according to the law.

Throughout the years, we have appointed lawyers to defend and protect numerous clients in criminal cases at litigation agencies nationwide.

If you find yourself involved in a criminal case, especially if you are identified as a suspect from the beginning, it is important that you promptly consult with a lawyer. This will help protect your legal rights and, in many cases, ensure your right to silence as dictated by the law.

Whether your health, property, or honor is being violated or threatened with illegal violation, seeking advice from a lawyer on how to protect yourself within the boundaries of the law is crucial. Reporting any violations committed by others, and following the proper procedures for doing so, is necessary to ensure fairness and strictness in handling these situations.

Customer can refer to the defense and protection services in criminal cases that we provide as follows:

  • Appoint a lawyer to protect the suspect's legal rights and interests in the pre-litigation stage, which is the stage of verifying crime reports but not yet prosecuting the case or prosecuting the suspect.
  • Recommend not to prosecute a criminal case when it is found that there are not enough signs of a crime.
  • Propose an exemption from criminal liability during the process of the agency conducting proceedings to resolve the case if there are grounds for consideration of the exemption.
  • Appoint lawyers to defend suspects and defendants during the investigation, prosecution, and trial stages. Including but not limited to Participating in testimony, interrogation, and confrontation sessions with the Investigation Agency and Procuracy; Directly defending defendants at trials.
  • Verify conditions and carry out procedures for applying for bail and bail for suspects and defendants during the investigation, prosecution, and trial process.
  • Establish defense arguments in the direction of requesting a verdict of innocence or exemption from criminal liability; Apply for a suspended sentence or non-custodial reform; Motion to change the charge to a lighter one; Please change the penalty frame and reduce the penalty; Proposal to reduce the civil compensation level... depending on each case, we will consider choosing one of the above options as a criterion to defend the customer.
  • For victims, and people with related rights and interests in criminal cases, we provide defense lawyer services, right from the stage of reporting crimes and verifying crime reports to the investigation stage. , prosecution and trial, legal advice on claims for compensation for damages, requests to aggravate or reduce penalties, or request dismissal of complaints for the accused or defendants.
  • Carry out procedures to appeal judgments according to appellate procedures, and request cassation or retrial of legally effective decisions/judgments at the client's request when there is a legal basis.
  • Participate in the appeal trial, defend the defendant, or protect the victim, people with related rights and obligations at the trial.
  • Carry out procedures to request a postponement of the sentence if the client is deemed eligible under the law.
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