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Consultancy & Business Management

Foreseeing the trend to compliance regulations business operation, we have always focused on development our qualified lawyers and consultants in corporate law. We will be providing clients comprehensively advising solutions and the most efficient on the establishment, operation and business management, we ensure compliance with laws, thereby limit risks and construct safe legal framework.

GIA LUAT's services

  • Advising on establishment enterprise, branch, representative office and place of business;
  • Advising on change of enterprise registration content; change of branch, representative office and place of business content;
  • Advising on changing type of enterprise; acquisition, separation, merger and consolidation of enterprise;
  • Advising on business suspension; enterprise, branch, representative office and place of business dissolution,
  • Advising, drafting and finalization of internal governance regulations and Company's Charter;
  • Advising, drafting, reviewing the decision, resolutions, internal minutes to comply with  rules and regulations;
  • Advising clients to hold a General Shareholders Meeting, Board of Director, Members Council Meeting, and approve all enterprise’s internal decision;
  • Advising and finishing drafting monthly / quarterly / yearly periodic reports monthly / quarterly / yearly submitted to management authorities in the process of business operations;
  • Other legal services related to enterprise operation.

GIA LUAT’s scope of works

  • Advising on legal issues related to enterprise establishment and operation;
  • Advising, guiding our clients to prepare documents;
  • Checking, assessing the legality of documents provided by our clients;
  • Participating in negotiations with our clients and partners;
  • Drafting the dossiers in accordance with laws;
  • On behalf of our clients to perform procedures in competent state agencies; following up the dossiers, explaining, handling arising issues, etc

With our experience and knowledge on law and business environment in Vietnam, we are always ready to be legal partner throughout the process of establishment and development of enterprises.

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