Investment consulting is a field that requires a lot of practical experience in the investment and business environment in Vietnam as well as a complete and accurate understanding of the law. Investment consultants need to have an in-depth understanding, research, and understand each aspect of their customers' investment projects and investment fields to minimize risks.

With our diverse knowledge, skills, and experience in the investment field, Gia Luat's team of lawyers always accompanies clients throughout the process of establishing and operating in Vietnam effectively and professionally.

Main services provided by Gia Luat:

  • Consulting and carrying out investment policy approval procedures;
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for establishing 100% foreign-owned enterprises;
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for establishing joint venture enterprises;
  • Consulting and carrying out investment procedures in the form of PPP, BCC, establishing executive offices of foreign investors, etc.;
  • Consulting and carrying out capital contribution procedures, purchasing shares and capital contributions from foreign investors; 
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for adjusting investment registration content, including changing investment objective, adjusting total investment capital, capital contribution to project implementation, changing location of investment project, adjust and renew the operating term, update other investor information (investor's name, legal/authorized representative of the investor, passport information, address, etc.);
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for transferring investment projects, extending investment project implementation progress, and terminating project operation.

Gia Luat's scope of work:

  • Consulting on legal issues related to foreign investment in Vietnam; consulting investors on choosing appropriate investment forms;
  • Consulting and supporting clients in finding and introducing project locations, and partners, etc.
  • Participating with clients in negotiating with partners on investment cooperation plans, etc.
  • Consulting and guiding clients to prepare necessary documents; checking and evaluating the legality and validity of documents provided by clients;
  • Drafting documents by the provisions of law;
  • Representing clients to carry out procedures at competent state authorities; follow up records, explain, and handle arising problems, etc.
  • Consulting and solving legal problems that arise during the operation of businesses and investment projects.

With a team of professional lawyers and rich practical experience, Gia Luat believes that we will bring clients and investors an overview and peace of mind when investing and doing business in Vietnam.

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