Falling into insolvency and having to withdraw from the market is unavoidable for enterprises in an increasingly fiercely competitive economy. One of the solutions to help enterprises withdraw from the market in an orderly manner and minimize losses, even freeing enterprises from debts is to go through the Court to declare bankruptcy.

In Vietnam, although the number of enterprises declared bankrupt is still modest due to complicated procedures and long resolution time, however, in recent years, the Law on Bankruptcy has had many reforms and a number of enterprises choosing bankruptcy continues to increase.

On the principle of maximally protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Valued Customers in preventing risks and resolving legal consequences when carrying out the bankruptcy process for enterprises, experienced lawyers, chief accountants, and liquidator and experts of Gia Luat will:

  • Consulting on legal regulations on corporate bankruptcy;
  • Consulting on cases where enterprise may fall into bankruptcy;
  • Consulting on the right to file a request to open enterprise bankruptcy procedures;
  • Consulting on enterprise bankruptcy procedures: Submitting a request to open bankruptcy procedures; Determining property obligations and property preservation measures; How to conduct a creditors' conference; enterprise recovery; Liquidation of assets; Payment of debts, etc.;
  • Consulting and drafting documents for corporate bankruptcy;
  • Representing Valued Customers to file a request to open bankruptcy procedures;
  • Representing Valued Customers to participate and resolve issues that arise during the enterprise bankruptcy procedures;
  • Consulting on other contents related to corporate bankruptcy procedures.
Other services
Business type conversion

Business type conversion is a form of reorganizing the enterprise structure to suit the scale and development orientation of that enterprise without completely terminating operations...

Business suspension

Business suspension is when an enterprise temporarily does not conduct any business activities for a certain period. Enterprises shall send a notice to the competent authority where the enterprise is...


Dissolution is an option chosen by many enterprises to terminate business operations when encountering insurmountable difficulties. However, this is a rather complicated procedure that must be carried out at many competent state authorities...

Change of enterprise registration content

Change of enterprise registration content is when an enterprise needs to change the information recorded in the previous enterprise registration dossier to suit the actual operating situation. Cases requiring procedures to change enterprise registration content include:...

Notice of business location establishment

Business location is the place where an enterprise conducts specific business activities; Enterprises can set up business locations directly under the head office or a branch; To expand the scope of business...

Register representative office operation

Representative office is a dependent unit of an enterprise, with the task of representing according to authorization for the interests of the enterprise and protecting those interests. Representative office does not perform business functions of the enterprise...

Register branch operation

Branch is a dependent unit of an enterprise, responsible for performing all or part of the enterprise's functions, including the function of authorized representation. Enterprises have the right to register domestic and foreign branch operations...

Register to establish an enterprise

Individuals and organizations that want to invest or do business shall carry out enterprise establishment procedures at a competent state authority to determine the legal status of the enterprise...

Company consolidation

Company consolidation is an operation whereby two or more companies may combine into a new company, and at the same time terminate the existence of the consolidating companies...

Company separation

Company separation means a limited liability company or joint stock company may be separated by transferring part of the assets, rights, obligations, members or shareholders of the existing company...

Company division

Company division means that a limited liability company or joint stock company may divide the assets, rights and obligations, members or shareholders of the existing company (hereinafter referred to as the divided company) to establish two or more new companies...

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