In developed countries, labor, insurance and social security issues are given top priority. Located in the group of developing countries, Vietnam has a relatively complete labor insurance legal system, and has issued five laws regulating this issue, including: Labor Code, Social Insurance Law, Health Insurance Law, Employment Law, Trade Union Law.

Although methodically and meticulously formulated, for many reasons, these laws have not yet been fully effective. Practice shows that employees/employers do not fully understand their rights and obligations.

Therefore, registration to participate in labor insurance and registration to resolve insurance regimes have not been properly and fully implemented, and disputes between employees and employers are taking place more and more often and are mostly very fierce; the stability of employees at the enterprise is not high; Grassroots unions and higher-level unions are operating in a formal manner, etc.

With many years of experience in consulting on resolving individual and collective labor disputes at the Labor Inspectorate, Labor Unions and Courts; disseminate and explain labor laws, insurance, salary and bonus regimes, and labor discipline for employees in enterprises; Consulting on implementing labor insurance and union procedures; Consulting on resolving problems in the business's insurance payment records when being inspected, examined and collecting insurance premiums; Support in resolving employee benefits, etc. we are confident that we can accompany Valued Customers in this field.

Gia Luat's main labor insurance services:

Legal consultancy on labor insurance

Insurance labor declaration registration service

Labor and salary department services for enterprises and representative offices

Monthly labor insurance service

Consulting and solving insurance policies

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