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With experience teams who used to be lawyers working for large corporations and experts who used to work at state management agencies labor and insurance. With the understanding of law as well as practical experience, we are fully capable of handling labor issues, insurance and human resource management for customers.

Our services include:

Initial labor - insurance registration and monthly labor – insurance services:

  • Advising provisions of laws on labor, insurance and related issues;
  • Registering on labor utilization; formulating employment logbooks;
  • Preparing documents for confirmation of eligibility/ ineligibility to establish union;
  • Preparing and registering for pay scale system, payroll and defining job title standard in accordance with enterprise’s operation;
  • Applying for participation in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance;
  • Reporting on increase, decrease of employee number to labor and insurance authorities;
  • Applying for changes, supplements of pay scales, payroll in accordance with law;
  • Drafting and liquidating labor contracts;
  • Drafting the monthly timesheet, payroll according to the figures provided by company;
  • Preparing documents to request competent agencies to pay regimes (sickness, maternity) for employees;
  • Reconciliation of insurance premiums, notice of insurance premiums for customers;
  • Comparing union fees; notifying customers about payment for union fees;
  • Preparing and submitting labor reports to labor management agencies as prescribed.

Other services:

  • Advising, preparing labor contracts, labor agreements, labor regulations;
  • Advising, preparing and perfecting the internal processes of the enterprise on management and employment;
  • Advising on forms, order and procedures for dealing with labor discipline and material responsibility;
  • Advising on order and procedures for settling subsidy and insurance regimes for employees when terminating labor relations;
  • Advising on and representing participate in resolving labor disputes;
  • Advising on conditions, procedures for recruitment and use of foreign workers;
  • Advising on salary, personal income tax and remittance abroad of foreign workers;
  • Advising on laws relating to bringing Vietnamese workers to work abroad.

With a team of experienced personnel knowing operations of enterprises, GIA LUAT believes that we will bring customers helpful solutions, helping customers save time and costs.


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