GIA LUAT's personal income tax ("PIT") advisory service is in charge by a team of chief accountants, tax experts and lawyers with many years of experience.

Hundreds of customers have trusted GIA LUAT’s services to ensure compliance with the law, avoiding the risks associated with fulfilling their tax obligations and saving time and costs.

GIA LUAT’s scope of work:

  • Advising on legal issues related to PIT declaration and PIT finalization;
  • Registering for issuing personal income tax code for customers;
  • Guiding customers to prepare documents and information related to the PIT declaration and PIT finalization;
  • Preparing family circumstance reduction documents for customers;
  • Calculation of payable tax and refundable tax;
  • Preparing and submitting dossier for personal income tax declaration and finalization;
  • Advising and filing personal income tax exemption under the Agreement on avoidance of double taxation;
  • Advising and representing customers working with tax authorities to solve arising problems
  • Other jobs depending on the actual profile of the customer or the request of customers.

We commit:

  • To be responsible for implementing fully and legally works under service contract signed with customers;
  • To be responsible for GIA LUAT's declarations and reports, based on valid data and documents provided by customers, including liability for administrative violations arising from GIA LUAT's faults;
  • To be responsible for explanation when competent authorities request data and PIT declaration documents prepared by GIA LUAT;
  • Keeping confidential of information and documents provided by customers;

We believe that our professionalism and prudence will satisfy and secure you when choosing GIA LUAT’s services.

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With a team of specialized lawyers, senior consultants, and rich experience in many fields, including: civil, criminal, investment, commercial, land, and administrative, etc. Gia Luat confidently commits to providing clients with the most professional, effective, and timely service.

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Gia Luat offers comprehensive services related to the establishment and operation of businesses and dependent units of businesses, including: establishment, registration of changes, suspension of operations, conversion of type, reorganization, bankruptcy, dissolution, etc.

Investment Consultancy

Gia Luat offers consulting services and carries out procedures related to the investment and business of foreign investors in Vietnam and services related to the establishment and operation of representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam.

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Accounting service is an area that we focus on investing in knowledge as well as practical experience. Our team of chief accountants, tax experts and lawyers have many years of experience in assisting customers in creating effective tax – accounting solutions for our customer’s activities and business transactions on the basis of compliance with the law

Labor, Insurance
Foreign Traders

The team of lawyers, accounting – tax specialist who own solid expertise and abundant hands-on experience have provided our clients with useful legal advices, various solutions to help them peace of mind to focus on expanding the brand, promote cooperation, investment business in the Vietnam market.

Other fields
House ownership in Vietnam
Permanent Residence Card
Temporary residence card
Visa, approval letter upon arrival

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